DL Chicken and BETA5 Chocolates to release epic mashup treat January 21

Jan 20 2020, 6:56 pm

Just when we were really trying to get our healthy eating on, two of our favourite local purveyors had to go and drop a fire treat that’s so epic we simply can’t ignore it.

DL Chicken and BETA5 Chocolates have come together to give Vancouver an offering they never knew they needed: The “Side of Milk” chocolate bar.

The Side of Milk is made from a combo of 66% dark chocolate, DL chile Carolina
Reaper dust blend, and lastly, crispy chicken skin.

“Adam and I were brainstorming on how we could work together on something sweet, savoury, and spicy,” says Doug Stephen, co-owner of DL Chicken Shack and Downlow Burgers. “The result is our Side of Milk chocolate bar. We’re really proud of it! The sweetness works so well with our Side of Milk chile dust. The spice lingers, and the crispy chicken skin gives it that saltiness and slight crunch.”

The bar will be available starting Tuesday, January 21 at both DL Chicken (905 Commercial Drive) and BETA5’s new cream puff and chocolate cafe (409 Industrial Avenue) until February 14, or until supplies last.

This offering is the first of 12 in a collaboration series from BETA5, who will be dropping a new bar every month.

Looks like we’ll just have to save the greens for later.

DL Chicken x BETA5 Chocolate Bar

Side of Milk (Courtesy DL Chicken)

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