3 places in Vancouver to stock up on Diwali treats this year

Oct 25 2021, 7:09 pm

Otherwise known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is a time when families come together to pray, be thankful, and acknowledge the strength of good over evil.

It’s a five-day celebration where folks decorate colourful rangolis, light up Diya’s (small candles), and of course, cook exquisite meals.

However, no Diwali is complete without an impressive roster of decadent sweets and salty snacks to compliment the auspicious day’s vibrant celebrations.

With the main celebration coming up on November 4, what better way to bond with friends and family than by devouring some of the best Indian treats that Vancouver has to offer?

Here are three shops that have lovingly prepared tasty treats for you and your dear ones to enjoy together on this special occasion.

All India Sweets & Restaurant


This restaurant has been a part of the community for over four decades and has become a staple spot for Diwali treats each year. They have a variety of Indian sweets to choose from that will satisfy your tastebuds, such as sugary milk burfi, perfectly sweetened besan burfi, and round rasgullas doused in syrup.

Address: 6560 Main street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-327-0891


Mithai & Co


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This online sweet shop has a divine Diwali box filled with an assortment of sought-after treats. Each box comes with nine sweets, including a dulce de leche milkcake, laddoo, coconut mango ball, carrot burfi, and more. It also includes complimentary oven-roasted mixed nuts coated with brown sugar, warm chai spice, and spicy cashews to balance the sweet.

Phone: 604-354 8928

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New Bhaia Sweets and Restaurant

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This dessert shop and restaurant specializes in East Indian sweets. They have all the classics you and your family would surely enjoy on Diwali, such as piping-hot jalebi, gulab jamun dripping with sugary syrup, and dozens more.

Address: 5740 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-323-2100


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