BC government seeking public input on future of Daylight Saving Time

Jun 25 2019, 3:38 am

The BC government is inviting residents share their input on “how time should be observed” in the province.

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“As our neighbours in the western United States move toward permanent daylight saving time, it’s a good time to think about what will work best for British Columbia,” said BC Premier John Horgan. “I invite people to consider our options and take part in an online survey that will help us decide whether to leave things as they are or if it’s time to make a change.”

Most areas of BC “spring forward” into daylight saving time during summer months and “fall back” to standard time in the summer months.

Now, through an online survey, the province is asking people for their opinion on their preference moving forward.

“I know many people will have strong preferences on this complex question, and this is an opportunity to express them and help government decide our next steps,” said Horgan.

The survey will be available beginning this week, and will run until July 19 of this year. It takes approximately five minutes to complete.

The website also has background information on the history of time observance in British Columbia and the impact of various options, such as changes to the timings of sunrise and sunset at different times of the year.

Organizations and individuals are also invited to provide written submissions about time observance, which impacts industries, such as agriculture and transportation in the province.

“As we monitor what’s happening in other jurisdictions, I look forward to input from British Columbians on how to set our clocks throughout the year,” said Horgan.

The move is a switch-up from Horgan’s previous stance on the subject.

In late 2018, the premier said he had “no plans” to get rid of Daylight Saving Time, but added he had also received “literally thousands” of letters on the topic.

According to a recent report from BC Hydro, the majority of British Columbians are uncertain about the purpose of Daylight Saving Time.

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