Dashcam footage captures terrifying near-miss with semi-truck (VIDEO)

Jun 7 2019, 4:56 am

Dashcam footage that was captured and shared on YouTube is showing what was almost a fatal collision.

The incident took place on Tuesday, June 4, around 4:15 pm, on Highway 97 and 99, just outside of Kamloops.

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Three cars were lining up to make a left-hand turn and approached a three-way intersection with a blinking yellow light.

The first car stalled at the turn for a few moments before entering the intersection.

The second car, a white sedan, followed closely behind but was nearly t-boned by an oncoming semi-truck. The footage captures the white sedan almost perpendicular to the semi-truck.

At the last second, the driver is able to complete the turn and avoid the collision, with the semi-truck swerving to the left.

Needless to say the video below is a good example of how not to drive.

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