Curtains transform Surrey living rooms into makeshift bedrooms for rent (PHOTOS)

Apr 25 2023, 8:37 pm

Two Facebook Marketplace listings are advertising Surrey bedrooms for rent, and both are just living rooms with Murphy beds surrounded by curtains.

They’re both located near Surrey Central, with the first listing advertising a converted living room for $900 per month.

The listings don’t offer much detail about the rentals, nor do either of the suites offer a great deal of privacy.

The listing states the room is in a building called Wave, which “offers a Murphy wall bed living room converted into bedroom.”

Facebook Marketplace

Beyond the curtains for privacy, the $900 per month rate is all-inclusive, but the already seemingly tight rental space is shared with three boys.

The rental offers Wi-Fi, a Smart TV, and laundry and is only two minutes away from Surrey Central SkyTrain on foot.

Facebook Marketplace

Based on the pictures, two opposing Murphy beds seem to be in the same room, meaning the curtains are the only thing separating the renter from another occupant.

Facebook Marketplace

Fortunately, there is at least a deck which should offer the potential renter some additional space to breathe.

surrey curtains rent

Facebook Marketplace

The other suite is listed by the same Facebook user in Surrey with a similar setup involving curtains and Murphy beds.

That listing features a photo of the bedroom that almost looks like a fire hazard as the curtain rods extend into the kitchen in this second rental listing, available for $850.

surrey curtains rent

What in the world? (Facebook Marketplace)

Would the curtains offer enough privacy for you to consider this Surrey bedroom worthy of your rent money?

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