A new female-run vodka soda brand just launched in Vancouver

Nov 30 2021, 12:07 am

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Sure, you could grab a clizzy or make yourself a vodka soda, but we bet they won’t taste as good as Surrey-based Crysteda vodka drinks.

Each Crysteda Handcrafted Vodka Soda is lightly carbonated with no artificial aftertaste, no sugar, no carbs, and only 100 calories. 

Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946, like local entrepreneurs. As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Danna Sheck, founder of Crysteda Beverages, about how the company came to be and what she hopes to achieve. Learn more about what Vancity is doing in your community at vancity.com 

The Crysteda dream was born out of Danna Sheck’s home in Surrey.

Sheck was originally experimenting with CBD beverages, hoping to create easy-to-drink, low-calorie, calming beverages that didn’t compromise on flavour. 

Although she succeeded in creating a delicious line of CBD beverages, the current Canadian regulations have made it tough for her to enter them into the market.

While she was working on getting our CBD beverages approved, her 19-year-old niece recommended adding vodka to the flavour mixes instead of CBD. 

Sheck gave the idea a try and immediately realized that they tasted incredible.


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So far, Sheck has launched three Crysteda Handcrafted Vodka Soda flavours, none of which are plain.

I wanted to create a drink that had delicious and unique flavours that people wanted to sip on their patio, by the campfire or out with friends,” She told Daily Hive.

“I’m proud to introduce the flavours I created and I’m delighted that people are now able to enjoy them.”

Current offerings include Watermelon Kisses, which contains watermelon and kiwi flavour, Spa Day with cucumber and lemon, and Island Getaway with pineapple and hibiscus. 


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Crysteda will continue adding new and delicious flavour combinations over the upcoming year and is planning on eventually growing into the rest of Canada. The handcrafted vodka sodas are currently available in British Columbia and Alberta.

They will also be doing a giveaway in December with Daily Hive, so keep any eye for it.

CBD beverages are also still on the table for the company, as they plan on further developing and getting them out to the Canadian market.

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