Car sent airborne in spectacular crash at Toronto Indy (VIDEO)

Jul 15 2018, 4:25 am

“I was kind of out of control.”

You can say that again.

Fans at the Honda Indy Toronto witnessed one of the most spectacular crashes you’ll ever see during Saturday’s Pro Mazda race, as driver Harrison Scott was sent airborne.

Scott was clipped by another driver, causing him to speed out of control and launch off the car in front of him like it was a launching pad.

Here’s another angle of the crash:

Remarkably, the 22-year-old driver from England was unscathed, and wants to race again on Sunday.

“For me that was my first time ever rolling a car, or a go-kart, and it’s not nice,” said Scott.

Here’s full video of the incident:

The Pro Mazda race is one of many competitions taking place in Toronto this weekend, leading up to the IndyCar Series race on Sunday.

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