Crafty Canucks fan finds creative way to protest Benning regime

Nov 18 2021, 6:25 pm

How do you sneak a “Fire Benning” sign into Rogers Arena?

If spotted at the door by Canucks security, it’ll likely get taken away.

But a pro-Fin sign? Well, that’s just good fun.

Except it wasn’t.

A Canucks fan snuck an incognito “Fire Benning” sign into last night’s game. The sign said, “Fin! You’re the best @ winning.”

But when folded up, it had a different message.

The fan, who goes by @smolsamplesize on Twitter, said his sign was eventually confiscated by security.

A video posted by @j_hari09 confirms it.

Rogers Arena’s website states that you can be denied entry if you are carrying “unauthorized signs or banners.” Fans are asked to make sure that their “clothing, signs, and banners are inoffensive” as part of the arena’s code of conduct.

The fan was one of many who protested Canucks management, coaching staff, and ownership at Wednesday night’s game. With a 5-10-2 record, this is Vancouver’s worst start to a season after 17 games since 1997.

Jim Benning, who has been the team’s general manager since 2014, is holding a press conference at Rogers Arena this morning, but no firings are expected to be announced.

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