Metro Vancouver's most terrifying haunted house will open next month

Sep 3 2021, 8:56 pm

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Metro Vancouver horror fans can get lost inside not one but two terrifying haunted houses this fall. Cougar Creek House of Horrors, formerly called Potter’s House of Horrors, will be opening in Surrey for the spooky season on Friday, October 1.

Their dual haunted house setup includes two themed spaces: Death Valley Motor Inn and Devil’s Descent, and your ticket gets you access to both.

Death Valley Motor Inn will transport you to a deserted desert hotel filled with murderers looking for their next victim. Devil’s Descent brings you down into a hellish underground mine that might not be so abandoned after all.



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Both labyrinthine houses wind and zig-zag. Around each corner, there’s another opportunity to get jump-scared by an actor in costume. And in addition to the haunted houses, there’s also a coffin ride, haunted photo booth, arcade games, and an escape room.

The 20-minute long horror escape room experience is called “The Escape From Incineration” where you have to find clues and solve puzzles to get out before you burn up to a crisp. It costs $25 to book the room for two people, up to six can join at additional cost, and the room is safely sanitized between bookings.

If all this haunting sounds like too much for you, then they do have family-friendly hours where you can breathe a bit easier.

Tickets are on sale now, all ages tickets are $24.99, and they are open on most days in October. Attendees will need to show appropriate proof of vaccination as required under provincial health orders.

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