"Lucky not to lose her feet": Woman in Tesla sustains serious leg injuries in Coquitlam bus crash (VIDEO)

Feb 2 2023, 10:31 pm

An out-of-control bus smashing into cars on a Coquitlam street reportedly had devastating consequences for one woman, leaving her with serious leg injuries.

Following our story about the bus crash on Wednesday, Daily Hive received an email from the husband of the woman who he claims was involved in the incident.

He detailed her injuries from the Coquitlam bus crash and his frustrations with TransLink.

The victim’s husband claims his wife was the person that was seated in the Tesla.

The footage shows the bus tailspin, with the left rear of the bus smashing into the Tesla with a resounding crunch. The victim’s husband tells us that while his wife was on her way to work as a special education teacher, a Nissan slowly slid across the road into her lane and hit her. But according to her husband, it wasn’t a big deal. She got out of her car to check on the driver in the Nissan, then went back into her car to grab her insurance papers.

Before she was in the car, the bus slid around the corner and smashed into the Tesla.

“Her two legs were not fully in, and the door was still open, breaking her right leg at a 90-degree open break,” the husband told Daily Hive.

She also suffered a laceration to her left leg.

“She had surgery today with several plates and screws being put in. She is still in the hospital now.”

The victim’s husband also told us that her standard of living would not be the same and that she “was lucky not to lose her feet.”

He’s also upset at TransLink and feels they should be held to a higher safety standard. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only time we’ve seen TransLink involved in snow-related mayhem on the road this winter.

“Why is TransLink not being held to a safe and professional standard?”

The victim’s husband said that winter buses can operate safely, pointing to the rest of Canada as an example.

“What this comes down to is negligence and, even worse planned negligence because it saves the government money.

“What TransLink has done is figure the cost of their insurance premiums compared with the cost of safely winterizing their fleet and choose the cheaper number!”

While he would like to take legal action against TransLink, he said ICBC’s new no-fault model makes it difficult. After speaking to someone in the neighbourhood, the victim’s husband said that this sort of thing frequently happens when it snows on that street.

Coquitlam RCMP did confirm to Daily Hive that someone was transported to the hospital following the crash.

Daily Hive has reached out to TransLink, which said it takes incidents like this seriously.

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