BC prepares for another convoy from group calling mask rules "fascist"

Mar 15 2022, 9:19 pm

If you thought that bringing down COVID-19 mandates in BC would signal the end of anti-mandate convoys, you were wrong.

A group, calling itself “Canada Unity,” is planning a trip from Ontario to Western Canada, and setting its sights on the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island as final destinations.

And while the group started with protests against the BC government, opposed to health orders like the mask mandate, the agenda has been slightly adjusted.

A post on the “Canada Unity” website provides a little bit of insight as to what their plans are now.

“Canada Unity” says the group “represents and defends all Canadians lawful freedom of choice.”

Western Canada tour

“Canada Unity” is launching an operation called “The Official Convoy for Freedom Operation” on Monday March 21.

It’s also called “Operation Bear Hug,” apparently.

There aren’t a lot of details, but the group has laid out a rough itinerary in terms of where it’s going.

A convoy actually left Ontario on March 15, heading west. It’s set to arrive in Calgary on Friday, March 18. A Facebook post from “Canada Unity” suggests the convoy will arrive in Kamloops, BC on Saturday.

After that, a portion of the convoy will be heading to the Lower Mainland, with some participants staying in the area, and others hopping on a ferry to the island. No specific details have been provided about potential locations, but the website suggests its TBD.

There are some secondary routes outlined on their website for this weekend, including locations like Merritt, Prince George, and Quesnel, BC.

Are businesses above the law?

As previously mentioned, BC has dropped the mask mandate province-wide, but that doesn’t mean that businesses and organizations can’t put in their own rules for customers.

“Canada Unity” is not a fan of that.

Over the last week my wife and I have been sifting through articles, social posts and various tidbits of information on companies and organizations who refuse to listen to the law and just force people to do things they simply don’t need to do,” reads a post on the Canada Unity website.

The same post goes on to suggest the mask implementations at businesses as “fascist.”

The group is also taking credit for bringing mandates down in other parts of the country.

The RCMP told Daily Hive that they can’t speculate on this weekend’s events, but they will be monitoring the situation closely.

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