People are complaining to the wrong John Horgan about the SkyTrain

Feb 17 2021, 6:24 pm

A professor of psychology at Georgia State University has taken to Twitter to clarify that he is not, in fact, the premier of British Columbia.

On Wednesday morning, Professor John Horgan tweeted his response to complaints he’s apparently been getting from British Columbians regarding future plans for SkyTrain.

“Canadian friends, those of you writing to me to complain about delays to the proposed SkyTrain project deal – I appreciate your frustration and know there are implications for the whole province not just UBC, but I am not the John Horgan you seek,” he tweeted.

The currently approved and funded project is the six-kilometre-long Millennium Line Broadway Extension between VCC-Clark Station and Arbutus Street, complete with six new stations. The project’s total cost is $2.8 billion.

There is no funding and commitment in place for the remaining seven-kilometre-long extension between Arbutus Station and the UBC campus at the edge of Point Grey. However, early in 2019, both the Vancouver City Council and TransLink’s Mayors’ Council approved the technology option of a SkyTrain extension, and the Mayors’ Council provided $3 million in funding for preliminary planning work.

Site preparation through the demolition of existing structures began earlier this month, to make way for new station entrance buildings, construction staging, and storage areas.

The designs for all six new stations along the six-km-long extension will be finalized by summer, after another round of public consultation this spring.

When the Broadway Extension opens in 2025, passengers on the Millennium Line will be able to travel between Arbutus Station and Commercial-Broadway Station in 12 minutes, reducing the average transit trip by 30 minute each way. A one-train ride between Arbutus Station and the Millennium Line’s eastern terminus at Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station will be about 45 minutes.

Premier Horgan responded to Professor Horgan in a tweet as well, stating that he “knew something was up when I was mailed all these Georgia State University psychology papers to mark.”

For the record, Professor John Horgan’s Twitter handle is @Drjohnhorgan, while Premier John Horgan’s is @jjhorgan.

We hope this clears things up.

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