“I needed to help”: How a Chilliwack woman stepped up after flooding in BC (PHOTOS)

Nov 16 2021, 10:49 pm

Hours after seeing the horrific damage from the devastating flooding and mudslides around BC, a woman in Chilliwack knew she needed to help.

chilliwack flooding

Chilliwack River/Cole Edwards

Keshia Spenst started a group on Facebook where people could connect and offer and receive help. 

“I was seeing people asking questions [and] needing help on so many different pages. I wanted to start a group so everyone was connected on one page so we could come together for one another easier.”

She created a page called “FV Flood Help.”

Spenst says she heard from people needing help with everything from livestock, dogs, leaking roofs, and information about how to get home or find sandbags.

“The community has been amazing. There has been no issue with people offering help. From housing to bagging sand to transporting needs. People have been offering meals, shelter, anything they can. The one amazing thing about where we live is there’s never been a lack of people coming together.”

It’s going to take a lot to recover from this. It’s devastating, to say the least. Right now the main goal is to make sure everyone is safe, including our animals,” says Spenst.

Chilliwack River

Chilliwack River/Cole Edwards

Though Spenst was the one who created the page, she says the people who live in the area have made things happen so quickly and effectively.

“Coming together as we have time and time again is what makes everything happen.”

She says the biggest issue right now is the lack of transportation, and she has seen people clearing out grocery store shelves.

Other groups, including Aide for Paws & Rescue Society, have been offering to feed hungry animals.

Aide for Paws



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