This Instagram account captures the crazy things Vancouverites do for cherry blossom pics

Apr 12 2018, 11:11 pm

Vancouver is blooming with beautiful cherry blossoms and that means people are looking to take the best pictures to post on Instagram.

It seems like Vancouverites will do almost anything to get those cherry blossom likes on the ‘Gram and now there is an Instagrammer who documents just how far people will go.

Cherryblossommaddness features dozens of photos that show how crazy Vancouverites are for blossoms on one particular street in the city.

Just take a look at the weird things people get up to in order to snap that perfect picture:

This guy used one of those hoverboards to glide down the street for some flowery footage.

She climbed on top of a small-sized SUV to get her closer to those blossoms.

Not sure if this woman just dressed up as a bride for this photo. But… congrats?

This doesn’t look safe.

Trespassing doesn’t matter when you take cherry blossom photos, btw.

This guy knows it’s all about the angle.

The mastermind being the account, Lele Chan, lives on a Vancouver street that takes part in the annual Cherry Blossom festival. She captures the madness that happens outside her front window when the festival is in full swing.

So next time you feel a bit embarrassed of trying to take a good selfie, just remember there are people who will do literally anything for the ‘Gram.

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