21 places to see beautiful cherry blossoms in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Apr 10 2018, 3:17 am

Everywhere you look around Vancouver, something is blooming beautiful shades of pink and white! Across the city, there are over 90,000 flowering trees including more than 40,000 Japanese cherry flowering trees.

There are probably bloom-worthy snaps near where you live, work/study, and commute. But where are the real dazzling gems of lined trees and tunnel canopies located?

Here’s our selection of the best (of the best) spots in Vancouver to see the cherry blossoms bloom right now and over the coming weeks.

These locations were chosen based on a combination of the following criteria:

  • The size of the grove
  • Spacing/density of the trees
  • Pink canopy/tunnel effect
  • Scenic backdrop
  • Accessibility

1. West 22nd Avenue

  • Location: Along eight consecutive city blocks of West 22nd Avenue from Arbutus Street to Carnarvon Street.

2. Burrard Station (SkyTrain)

  • Location: Art Phillips Park at Burrard SkyTrain Station in downtown Vancouver.

3. West 16th Avenue (Burrard)

  • Location: Along five consecutive city blocks of West 16th Avenue from Maple Street to Granville Street.

4. West 7th Avenue (Fairview)

  • Location: A canopy of Kanzans stretching seven city blocks in the Fairview neighbourhood (West Broadway Corridor) from Hemlock Street to Heather Street. Other canopies can also be found on surrounding streets.

5. Granville Plaza (Downtown)

  • Location: A cluster of pink at 200 Granville Street (The public plaza outside the West building entrance to Waterfront Station; at the foot of Granville Street and West Cordova, above the parkade).

6. Akali Singh Sikh Temple

  • Location: Along two consecutive city blocks of East 3rd Avenue from Rupert Street to Skeena Street. Looking east from Rupert Street, the cherry blossom trees perfectly frame the Sikh Temple at East 3rd Avenue and Skeena Street.

7. Lower Mall (UBC)

  • Location: Along one city block of the Lower Mall from Vanier Place to University Boulevard.

8. Nelson Street (West End)

Location: Along two city blocks of Nelson Street: from Broughton Street to Jervis Street and Bidwell Street to Cardero Street.


9. Graveley Street (Renfrew)

  • Location: Along one city block of Graveley Street from Lillooet Street to Windermere Street.

10. West 59th Avenue (Granville)

  • Location: Along two city blocks of West 59th Avenue from Angus Drive to Granville Street.

11. West 39th Avenue (Cambie)

  • Location: Along a five city block stretch of West 39th Avenue from Willow Street to Cambie Street.

12. West 64th Avenue (Cambie)

  • Location: Along one city block of West 64th Avenue from Ash Street to Heather Street.

13. East 50th Avenue (Main)

  • Location: Along a six-city block stretch of East 50th Avenue from Ontario Street to Fraser Street.

14. Austrey Avenue (Joyce)

  • Location: Along one block of Austrey Avenue from McHardy Street, near Joyce-Collingwood Station.

15. Stanley Park

  • Location: Clusters of blooming trees are at several locations in Stanley Park: near the Rose Garden, the pathways leading to the Japanese War Memorial, and around the eastern edge of Lost Lagoon.

16. Queen Elizabeth Park

  • Location: Clusters of pink can be found around the park, including the park entrance at West 33rd Avenue.

17. Granville Island

  • Location: Along the eastern edge of the Granville Island seawall at False Creek.

18. Wycliffe Road (UBC)

  • Location: Along one city block of Wycliffe Road from Allison Road to Acadia Road.

19. Regent College (UBC)

  • Location: Approximately 60 young trees are planted around the perimeter of the building, located at 5800 University Boulevard (the intersection of University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall).

20. Killarney

  • Location: Along one city block of East 48th Avenue from Killarney Street to Vivian Street and a two city block stretch of East 46th Avenue from Kerr Street to Doman Street.

21. Yukon Street (Langara)

  • Location: Along three city blocks of Yukon Street from West 59th Avenue to West 62nd Avenue – on the west side of Winona Park and just south of the Langara Golf Course.
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