Cheap Eats Vancouver: Duffin's Donuts

Jan 27 2023, 9:45 pm

Sitting at a donut shop at 5:30 pm with a plate of wonderfully crispy fried chicken, the hustle and bustle of a busy dinner rush, with the theme to Chariots of Fire playing softly over someone’s phone speaker? I must be in heaven.

It isn’t heaven, but it’s the closest place to it in Metro Vancouver: Duffin’s Donuts on Knight and 41st Avenue.

Duffin’s is beloved among many Vancouverites for its cheap prices, extensive menu, impressive flavours, and comforting atmosphere. 

It’s a refuge for the hungover, the graveyard shift workers, the struggling art students, and many more. 

Duffin’s transcends all identities and brings them together through the love of affordable, delicious comfort food.

Max Hill/Daily Hive

Max Hill/Daily Hive

Emblazoned in a classic red-and-yellow design, Duffin’s might just offer the most choices of any eatery in the city. 

Mexican pupusas? Banh mi? Fried chicken? Chinese foods? Donuts? Bubble tea? Chili cheese dogs? 

Somehow all can be found at Duffin’s, with a consistent quality that boggles the mind.

Max Hill/Daily Hive

Each visit to Duffin’s offers a new experience, and while the options are endless, we decided on some tried-and-true favourites: the three-piece fried chicken combo with fries, a BBQ pork sandwich, a sugar donut, a ginger ale, and a mango slush with pearls.

The two of us spent well under $15 each for a veritable feast of greasy, homemade perfection.

Max Hill/Daily Hive

Almost as remarkable as the food is the ambiance: classic, non-judgemental, and charmingly lived-in. You’ll find a fascinating cross-section of Vancouver residents here, all of whom are sharing the same open secret.

If you’re in Vancouver and have a set of taste buds, you owe it to yourself to check out Duffin’s.

It’s worth the hype.

Max Hill/Daily Hive

Duffin’s Donuts

Address: 1391 E 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-325-5544


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