Meet Ceph: Vancouver Aquarium's new octopus officially named after Seth Rogen

Nov 10 2018, 4:56 am

Vancouver, meet Ceph Rogen – your new celebrity octopus.

Ok, if you need a refresher on what this all means, and how this octopus was actually named in honour of Seth Rogen, let’s rewind.

Recently,  the Vancouver Aquarium announced that it needed the public’s help to name it’s newest cephalopod-in-residence.

Vancouver funnyman Rogen, chimed in with a suggestion on Twitter. “Please vote for me to have an octopus named after me at the aquarium I grew up going to,” he tweeted to his 7.71 million followers.

The Vancouver Aquarium announced that there were two finalists to choose from: Ceph Rogen and Octavia.

Seth Rogen

Vancouver Aquarium / Facebook

And (with no surprise) Ceph Rogen was the winner, with 90% of the vote.

You know you’ve made it when your hometown names an octopus after you. Hopefully, Seth will pay a visit to Ceph soon.

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