The Vancouver Canucks are selling playoff towels for charity

Aug 1 2020, 12:04 am

Make Shark Club your home for the playoffs! With Happy Hour twice daily, and all-night Happy Hour on Fridays, there’s no better place to live the playoff experience.

You won’t see 18,000 people waving them together at Rogers Arena this year, but towel power is alive and well.

As the Vancouver Canucks prepare for Game 1 of their five-game series against the Minnesota Wild on Sunday, the team is keeping the tradition started by Rogers Neilson in 1982 alive.

The Canucks are selling playoff rally towels for $5 through, with all proceeds going to the Canucks for Kids Fund’s pandemic relief efforts.

If you want to step up your playoff game even more, you can purchase a playoff beach towel for $40, or spring for the postseason fan pack for $50 — with all proceeds for both items also benefitting the Canucks for Kids Fund.

The postseason fan pack includes the following items:

  • Playoff towel
  • Beach towel
  • Head to head puck
  • Team nickname T-shirt
  • 50th anniversary patch

The towels include the team’s playoff slogan is We are all one team, a play on their usual We are all Canucks slogan with a nod to the time we’re living in.

Also making its return for the playoffs is the Canucks 50/50 raffle, which will be held online every game day beginning at 9 am. The 50/50 also benefits the Canucks for Kids Fund, which supports local charities including the Canucks Autism Network, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, and BC Children’s Hospital.

Sunday’s game (7:30 pm on Sportsnet) will be the first Canucks postseason game played in over five years.

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