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Canucks owner tweets out 15 compelling arguments for rideshare

Eric Zimmer Apr 01, 2019 2:54 pm 7,672

While the issue of when (and how) rideshare will finally be available in BC continues to slowly play out, the owner of the Vancouver Canucks isn’t wasting any time letting people know where he stands on the issue.

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In a 15-tweet series, Francesco Aquilini lays out his reasoning as to why he would like to see rideshare in BC – and Vancouver in particular – sooner rather than later.

He recognizes that some might think his eagerness to see rideshare on the roads comes from the team’s recent partnership with Lyft, noting that “some think it’s because I’ve invested in Lyft and Uber. (I haven’t.)”

Aquilini then proceeds to offer up his thoughts on the situation.

Aquilini’s comments come on the heels of a report from an all-party committee tasked with putting together a report on the future of rideshare in BC, which was released last week.

The report recommends a total of 11 steps for the provincial government to take as part of the process in finally making rideshare a reality in BC.

Among the recommendations is the requirement that all rideshare drivers hold a valid Class 5 license, as opposed to Transportation Minister Claire Trevena’s desire for all drivers to hold a Class 4 license – the same license required of taxi drivers.

In its report, the committee said members agreed that ensuring safety “is paramount.”

However, members were also uncertain of whether or not the Class 4 licensing process “actually produces safer drivers.”

In an interview with Daily Hive last fall, Trevena cited the need for safety as the reason she would like to see all drivers hold the Class 4.

“If you’re going to be earning money through driving people from place-to-place, you need to make that investment so that you can show you are safe,” said Trevena. “Anyone getting in as a passenger wants to know that the driver is as safe as possible.”

On Tuesday, BC Green MLA  and member of the Select Standing Committee Adam Olsen said British Columbians “have waited far too long for ride-hailing services.”

Now he said, is “the time for action.”

Other recommendations from the report included issues around fare regimes, boundaries, and supply.

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