Canucks and Kings had very different flights to China (PHOTOS)

Sep 21 2017, 5:46 am

Los Angeles is known for a lot of things.

Hollywood. Celebrities. Glitz and glamour.

Well, the Canucks just made the Los Angeles Kings look like a bunch of peasants.

Just look at the stark contrast in how each team flew to China for their preseason games in Shanghai and Beijing.

The Canucks flew on the most luxurious charter plane in the world. It looked like the inside of a cruise ship.

And the Kings?

LA kings china

Image: NHL

Image: NHL

LA kings china

Image: NHL

That look says it all.

I’m sure the Kings had a nice flight… For a bunch of peasants.

The Canucks of course, were the ones who traveled like royalty.

Here’s a reminder:

A few Kings players said they passed the time by playing video games on their flight. Several Kings players brought Nintendo Switch consoles onto the flight.

“I’ll just sleep and play Nintendo and watch movies, I guess,” Kings defenceman Drew Doughty said.

Meanwhile, Canucks players passed the time drinkings fine wine and eating caviar (probably).

The Canucks and Kings will (finally) play their first game overseas on Thursday morning. Their game from Shanghai is on bright and early, at 4:30 am Vancouver time on Sportsnet. The two teams will share a flight to Beijing, in advance of their second game on Saturday (12:30 am Friday night/Saturday morning in Vancouver) before returning back to North America.

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