New Canucks goalie Holtby can't get his turtles across the border

Nov 18 2020, 11:31 pm

There are slow news days, and then there are turtle news days.

Brandi Holtby, the wife of new Canucks goalie Braden Holtby, reached out to her Twitter following today. The problem? They’re having trouble getting their two pet tortoises across the border.

“Does anyone have any sweet connections with Federal Fish and Wildlife that could push some export papers along in order to get two happy tortoises across the border?” Brandi asked.

“Now Braden is stuck at the border with two tortoises,” Brandi explained in another tweet, clarifying that they had the Canadian import permit completed, but not the export permit needed to get the tortoises out of the United States.

Brandi has shown off the family tortoises before, and honestly, what kind of monster would dare give these two beautiful creatures a hard time? Their names are Maple and Honey, by the way.

The NHL hasn’t released a schedule yet for next season, though they have set a target date of January 1. If that plan comes to fruition, expect training camp to start sometime in December, with players returning to their home cities before then.

Whenever it starts, the Holtby kids are ready.

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