Canucks fan finds Bertuzzi in Saskatchewan, fulfills impossible dream (PHOTOS)

May 2 2017, 1:54 am

Mike Stefanuk is as dedicated of a Canucks fan as they come.

He also lives in Saskatoon, with no ties to Vancouver, other than his insatiable love for the Canucks. Mike loves his team and, as we told you 16 months ago, has the most epic Canucks man cave to prove it.

Perhaps the crown jewel of his man cave is a giant Todd Bertuzzi Canucks bobblehead, that stands three-feet tall.

“I got the bobblehead in 2003 as it was sent by accident to Jersey City in Saskatoon where I worked,” Mike told Daily Hive. “It was supposed to go to a store in BC, but instead of sending it back, I bought it for a sum of money which can remain undisclosed.”

An avid collector of memorabilia, Mike owns countless amounts of Canucks hats, jerseys, collectibles, pictures, etc. You name it, Mike probably has it.

But “Bobblebert,” as he calls it, holds special value.

“It was the first ‘big piece’ I ever owned as my man cave started to evolve from the things we collect as kids, like banners and posters. I always said I would get it signed but truly figured it impossible based on its size and the inability for it to travel.”

This is a lesson to never give up on your dreams.

As luck would have it, Bertuzzi came to Mike’s hometown in Saskatoon last weekend as a late addition to a Heart and Stroke fundraiser. Fourteen years after getting Bobblebert, this was Mike’s big chance and he knew it.

A friend of Mike’s tipped him off that Bertuzzi, along with legendary Canucks goaltender Kirk McLean, were in town.

“I basically ‘fangirled’ and got in touch with some organizers who told me to come to an event in the evening,” Mike said.

It’s go time.

Mike hopped in his car on Saturday night, with Bobblebert by his side, set out to complete the impossible dream.

He arrived to an event that included a number of ex-NHL players. Within minutes of entering the venue, Bertuzzi spotted his bobblehead, and the three (Mike, Todd, Bobblebert) met.

Todd signed Bobblebert, posed for pictures, and chatted with the in-awe Canucks fan for approximately 10 minutes.

It turns out that Bobblebert is as a very rare piece of memorabilia.

According to Bertuzzi, only 10 of these three-foot tall Bertuzzi bobbleheads were ever made. Eight of them are in Todd’s possession, one is owned by a Bertuzzi family member, and the other is owned by Saskatoon Mike.

“Todd was gracious, humble, insightful, engaging and candid,” Mike said, still over-the-moon about meeting his hero.

The best picture of the night was taken at the insistence of McLean, Mike says, who got a kick out of Bobblebert (as many did throughout the night).

bertuzzi bobblehead canucks

Left to right: Mike’s friend Morgan, McLean, Bertuzzi, Mike, Bobblebert (Image: Mike Stefanuk)

Saturday was a night that Mike won’t soon forget.

He’s got a signed Bobblebert to prove it.

bertuzzi canucks bobblehead

Image: Mike Stefanuk

bertuzzi canucks bobblehead

Image: Mike Stefanuk

Image: Rick Elvin

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