"I wish they'd stop singing that stupid song": Boudreau reflects on perfect week with Canucks

Dec 13 2021, 6:12 pm

Everything is going right for Bruce Boudreau, well, except maybe one thing. He’s not a fan of “Bruce, there it is.”

Vancouver Canucks fans first serenaded Boudreau with that tune on Monday, and they haven’t stopped since. That’s cause Boudreau’s team hasn’t lost yet, with the Canucks rattling off four straight wins at home this week.

Boudreau is the first coach in Canucks history to go 4-0 to start his tenure. The charismatic bench boss quickly won over the fans and appeared to be winning over his players. The Canucks look like a completely different team, playing with more pace and confidence than they did with Travis Green.

Securing a playoff spot should still be considered a long shot for this team, but if they continue playing the way they have, they could make things interesting.

When Boudreau was introduced to the local media as head coach seven days ago, he had small goals. “Win the week” was his mantra. Instead, they swept the week.

So what has the last week been like?

“Crazy,” Boudreau told reporters after Sunday night’s 2-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. “I mean, it’s been really fun. It’s fun when you win. It’s all about, to me, winning and losing. When you win, it’s fun. I tried to teach myself not to get too high when you win or too low when you lose; it’s a difficult thing to do.

“It certainly is nice coming to a new town and having a little bit of success.”

He has one request, though.

“I wish they’d stop singing that stupid song, though, in the stands.”

Boudreau did smile after saying that, and hopefully, there’s some part of him that embraces the tune because the horse is out of the barn.

Canucks fans chanted “Bruce, there it is” after both goals on Sunday, and they’ve done the same after successful challenges on Wednesday and Friday.

The team is even selling “Bruce there it is” T-shirts, and DJ Tom Fleming has mixed “Whoop there it is” into his playlist of late.

Boudreau was greeted with that “stupid” song when he went out to dinner last week, and defenceman Luke Schenn dropped a “Bruce there it is” for Boudreau during a post-game fist bump.

Boudreau’s right; it is about wins and losses. But that song he’s hearing, that’s a song you hear when you win.

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