Vancouver's most famous bird has gone missing (VIDEO)

Sep 3 2019, 4:24 pm

One of Vancouver’s most popular crows (and unofficial bird ambassador) has gone missing.

Canuck the Crow was last seen on Friday, August 30. According to Shawn Bergman, Canuck’s human companion, “no one has seen him since” and the behaviour “isn’t like him.”

Bergman explains in an emotional Facebook video that Canuck “hasn’t gone off on any multiple-day ventures for over two years.”

“He tends to stick to the area so I’m pretty worried about him right now,” he says. “I’m just hoping that if anyone sees him, to please let me know.”

In the 80-second clip, Bergman also addresses the possibility of Canuck being taken. He says that Canuck’s disappearance isn’t just affecting him but Canuck’s mate, Cassiar, as well.

“If there’s anybody out there who’s taken him, please let him go,” he pleads. “It’s not about me, it’s about him and his mate. Cassiar is absolutely distraught right now.”

He also asks for the public to keep an eye out for him and to send a picture if they see him.

“If anybody out there can please help, that would be greatly appreciative,” he pleads. “We miss him. I want him to come home. So please keep an eye out for him.”

Canuck the Crow took Vancouver by storm in 2016. He was first pictured holding a knife in his beak that he’d picked up from a crime scene.

He quickly became Vancouver’s unofficial bird ambassador and even received his own art exhibit.

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