Canuck the Crow gets own art exhibition in Vancouver

Jul 19 2016, 3:58 am

Canuck the “knife-stealing” crow finally has his own art exhibition. Yes, you read that right. Vancouver’s most famous winged beast has become an artistic muse.

The crow hit the headlines in Vancouver earlier this year, when it was pictured having picked up a knife from a crime scene.

Not content with “stealing” the evidence and the limelight to go with it, Canuck the crow is now being portrayed in a series of artworks at ROAM Gallery.

The idea for the exhibition came from Shawn Bergman, who struck up a special relationship with the crow when they met a year ago.

“I’m having the most amazing experience that I could ever imagine,” says Bergman in a bio on the ROAM Gallery website.

“I still remember when I was younger watching the movie The Crow and when the crow lands on Brandon Lee’s shoulder, I wished so much that was me.

“And now it’s come true. I have a crow that’s my close personal friend.”

Shawn Bergman shortly after meeting Canuck the crow one year ago (Canuck and I/Facebook)

According to Bergman, he met Canuck through his landlord’s son, who had raised the crow after finding him as a hatchling having fallen from the nest.

Once the crow was old enough, writes Bergman, it was released – but Canuck refused to leave. One day, Bergman stopped by and met the crow for the first time.

“At that point, I walked up and introduced myself, he hopped on my arm and the rest is history.”

Much of the Canuck the Crow art on show at ROAM Gallery was submitted to a Facebook group called Canuck and I, which Bergman set up to celebrate Canuck’s fame.

“He likes who he likes and he doesn’t like who he doesn’t like,” writes Bergman. “He is a wild crow after all. But I do think he likes getting his picture taken.”

Here’s a selection of art inspired by the amazing Canuck the Crow. Head down to ROAM Gallery to see more.

Canuck and I

Where: ROAM Gallery at City Square Shopping Centre – 555 W 12th Ave #155, Vancouver

When: Until July 30

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