One of the most Instagrammed UNESCO World Heritage Sites is in Canada

Nov 26 2021, 10:49 pm

With Canadians exploring our own backyard and international travel picking back up, people were hightailing it to the Rocky Mountains in 2021—and showing their followers.

According to research by Design Bundles, a UK-based creative resource company, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks were the 24th most Instagrammed UNESCO World Heritage Site this year.

With 2,996,880 tags, the picturesque peaks placed just above Yellowstone National Park’s 2.83 million tags and just below Turkey’s Göreme National Park with about three million.

To determine the rankings, Design Bundles analyzed how many times the 145 most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites were tagged on the social media platform this year.

The most Instagrammed UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021 was the Historic Center of Rome, with a whopping 61,244,436 tags.

Rio de Janeiro took second place with 45 million tags, followed by Venice and its lagoon with 25.7 million tags. Kiev and the Historic Center of Florence rounded out the top five.

The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks are composed of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, and Yoho national parks, as well as Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine, and Hamber provincial parks.

“The seven parks of the Canadian Rockies form a striking mountain landscape,” UNESCO writes.

“With rugged mountain peaks, ice fields, and glaciers, alpine meadows, lakes, waterfalls, extensive karst cave systems, thermal springs and deeply incised canyons, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks possess exceptional natural beauty, attracting millions of visitors annually.”

Since it was first released in 1978, the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites has grown from 12 sites to 1,154. The prestigious list currently includes 897 cultural sites, 218 natural sites, and 39 mixed sites.

The 30 most Instagrammed UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2021:

  1. Historic Center of Rome: 61,244,436
  2. Rio de Janeiro: 45,039,569
  3. Venice and its Lagoon: 25,755,922
  4. Kiev: 21,914,502
  5. Historic Center of Florence: 21,516,815
  6. Historic Center of Prague: 17,731,077
  7. Budapest: 14,665,910
  8. Brasilia: 13,277,931
  9. Historic Center of Saint Petersburg: 11,987,336
  10. City of Quito: 9,854,551
  11. Old and New Towns of Edinburgh: 9,779,579
  12. Historic Site of Lyon: 9,400,931
  13. City of Verona: 5,661,681
  14. Rabat: 4,629,743
  15. Yosemite National Park: 4,611,905
  16. Grand Canyon National Park: 4,021,300
  17. Old Havana and its Fortification System: 4,017,138
  18. Cultural Landscape of Bali: 3,985,530
  19. Cathedral of Notre-Dame: 3,787,550
  20. Works of Antoni GaudĂ­: 3,451,098
  21. City of Luxembourg: 3,450,869
  22. Historic Center of Salzburg: 3,195,863
  23. Göreme National Park: 3,009,297
  24. Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks: 2,996,880
  25. Yellowstone National Park: 2,832,668
  26. Antigua Guatemala: 2,765,980
  27. Old City of Dubrovnik: 2,637,398
  28. Dorset and East Devon Coast: 2,629,228
  29. The Dolomites: 2,532,349
  30. Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch 2,261,394
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