How much you need to spend at Canada's top coffee chains to get a free drink

Mar 28 2019, 6:28 pm

Loyalty programs. There are a ton of them these days.

Whether you’re signed up for retail, tech, or food and beverage, there’s no denying you’re spending some hard earned cash at establishments over, and over, and over again.

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The thing that’s supposed to lessen the heartache of blowing all your dough on makeup and bubble tea? Brands offering patrons “perks” for returning to their stores.

One of the biggest and most common loyalty programs in the country is coffee.

A handful of brands offer this nationally, but have you ever wondered which one is better than all the rest, and what you’re actually getting from it?

Thanks to comparison by, we can clearly see what each company is giving Canadians for sticking with them.

Tim Hortons recently launched a rewards programĀ where patrons can earn a free drink or baked good after purchasingĀ seven medium-sized drip coffees ($11.97) or lattes ($20.93).

The program will also offer “personalizedĀ mobile offers and discounts” alongside the ability to order ahead and pay by mobile.


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McCafĆ© rewards its members to virtually the same perks as Tim Hortons with a similarĀ to spend to get the freeĀ beverage, while Starbucks uses a star system when customers can earn one free drink from ordering 26 drip coffees ($63.70) or 14 grande lattes ($66.75), which is the highest cash spend in the infographic.

Starbucks is the only app that gives out birthday rewards, along with free refills on brewed coffee and tea, which is definitely a perk.

Second Cup’s spend for free beverages isn’t too far behind Starbucks’ in terms of cost.

The coffee spot requires its member to purchase 21 drip coffees ($51.70) or 12 lattes ($51) to earn a free beverage.

Coffee loyalty programs

While it’s important to check out what perks you might be in for with each loyalty program, the truth is we all have our favouriteĀ spot to grab a cup of Joe, and that’s likely what will have us returning to certain spots and staying true to them.

Wherever you choose to grab your cup of Joe regularly, be sure to get your perks!

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