Canada Post doesn't 'anticipate further issues' following non-delivery viral video

Jan 17 2019, 3:08 am

Canada Post is in hot water after a video showing a worker not delivering a package when a resident was home went viral online this week.

The video, which was posted on YouTube Monday afternoon, shows a Canada Post worker drop off a delivery slip at a residential home without even attempting to see if the recipient is there.

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As the worker made his way back to the vehicle, you can hear a woman call out “hello” before calling out the worker for not knocking on the door.

The worker can then be seen returning to the home with the package as he offers the woman an apology, saying, “sorry about that, usually, there’s nobody home.”

The video, which has already been viewed well over 100,000 times since Monday, has become a heated topic of discussion online, with hundreds of YouTube users saying they’ve experienced very similar situations with Canada Post deliveries before.

“It happened to me yesterday. I had a large note on the door stating that I was home and asking to ring the bell… Nope! Notice left!” wrote one user.

“All the damn time! Glad we finally have proof,” wrote another.

Following the incident, the original poster of the video said they made an anonymous complaint online and informed Canada Post of where this happened.

Daily Hive followed up with Canada Post and a spokesperson said, “while the customer received their parcel, it should have been delivered at the time the employee arrived at the address. ”

The spokesperson added they have followed up with the employee and they “don’t anticipate further issues.”

That said, this type of situation has definitely happened in the past.

Here are other tweets commenting on the recent video:

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