Canada has the 2nd friendliest locals in the world

Dec 16 2016, 4:02 am

When you’re travelling abroad, it always makes a big difference when the locals are friendly.

Their willingness to invite you into their culture can sometimes make or break your trip, and certainly nearly always affects the way you experience a country.

Which is why we’re pretty proud to find out that our fellow Canadians are some of the cheeriest and friendliest in the world according to international travellers.

In a recent survey conducted by, Canadians were found to be only (slightly) behind Australia for the #1 friendliest locals anywhere on Earth:

Canada Friendly

More than 17,000 travellers (all over 18 years old) were asked from 17 countries around the world – 1,000 respondents per country – to choose which countries they found to have the happiest and friendliest locals. As well, each respondent had to have taken at least one domestic or international holiday in the past year in order to be eligible for the survey.

After all, who better to trust than fellow travellers…

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