Twitter feels very strongly about the Calgary Stampede's KD soft serve

May 18 2022, 11:36 pm

Yesterday, we teased some of the wild and delicious things you can chow down on at this year’s Calgary Stampede. Then we tried some of it ourselves.

The annual fair is known for its wacky takes on midway food – things like sushi tacos, pickle lemonade, waffle cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, cotton candy noodles, and other abominations of cuisine, all in the name of stampedin’ fun.

Even if you’re not there in person, you can enjoy the insane and over-the-top ways that Stampeders celebrate with food – truly a triumph of the human imagination, and palate.

This year, one of the food items you can grab while at the Calgary Stampede is a Kraft Dinner-flavoured soft serve ice cream cone from Summerland Soft Serve.

We can only assume this is a combination of Kraft Dinner’s signature cheese powder combined with creamy soft serve ice cream – a combo that sounds intense, to be sure, but maybe, just maybe, could work?

Sweet and savoury foods have been in successful relationships in the past, so why not this one?

We took to Twitter to find out what folks think of the combo and whether or not they’d try it and, well, things aren’t looking good for KD soft serve.

Most people have commented that no, hell no, they would not be giving this one a go:

Some responded purely with gifs because words were not enough – which, fair:

While the rare brave and adventurous soul said yeah, why not, YOLO (in more or fewer words):

It remains to be seen what the KD soft serve actually tastes like so, if you’ve tried it, let us know! Our curiosity cannot be contained.

Would you try a Kraft Dinner flavoured cone?

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