Calgarians jealous about Morgan Freeman voicing Vancouver transit

May 24 2018, 2:47 am

Vancouver commuters will in for a special surprise the next time they take public transit, as announcements will now be heard from the voice of the one and only Morgan Freeman.

The announcements are part of a new educational campaign to inform passengers that they can now use their credit card to access the Vancouver transit network, and word of Freeman’s deep, soothing voice over on the West Coast has left Calgarians feeling a little left out (and rightly so).

The City of Calgary’s official transit Twitter account, @CalgaryTransit, had the idea to bring on a more Canadian voice for the CTrain announcements.

Other Calgarians chimed in with suggestions on who they’d like to hear remind them that smoking is not allowed during their morning commutes, or that they should probably move to the rear of the bus.

Someone even suggested bringing Howie Mandel back to relive the CTrain advertisements he used to do way back in the 1980s.

Though something tells us that hearing that character’s voice day in and day out would get tiring fast…

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