Major bag alert: Burnaby couple celebrates $6M lottery win

Mar 22 2022, 9:47 pm

A sizeable lottery win in BC has made one lovely couple six million dollars richer, changing their lives forever.

On Tuesday, March 22, BCLC announced that a Metro Vancouver couple had just won the Lotto 6/49 Jackpot.

“Chau Ming (Lana) Leung and her husband (Joery) Yiu Fai Leung have been playing the same Lotto 6/49 numbers for 36 years – inspired by their family members’ birthdays,” said BCLC in a release.

It’s been 36 years, but now those same six numbers have finally lined up with the lottery draw on March 16, 2022. They bought their winning ticket at the Lucky Mart on Nanaimo and East 7th in Vancouver, like they have for years.

According to BCLC, the couple first thought to check their ticket after their son tipped them off.

“He found out someone from Vancouver won on Instagram, a few days after the draw,” said Lana.“He saw that they were our numbers, and he texted my husband to ask if he bought tickets for that draw.”

“When we scanned the ticket and saw the $6 million on the phone, we all started screaming and crying.”

Now, Lana says she’s going to quit one of her two jobs. Joery is going to keep working, but might look at retiring earlier now.

They’ll also use some of that six million to get a car for their son and help their daughter with her mortgage.

The couple was planning to buy a new house. But now, they say they’re staying put.

“We can’t move now, because this is the house that we won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot in!” they said.

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