"We were shaking with disbelief": 16 GTA nurses split $2 million lottery win

Mar 3 2022, 4:32 pm

Sixteen lucky nurses from the GTA couldn’t be happier after winning $2 million in the Ontario 49 lottery.

The group has been working together for a decade and had only been playing the lottery for a month. Now, each member is $125,000 richer.

Sonia, who represents the group, said that they had been playing together in hopes of winning a LOTTO MAX jackpot, but decided to give other games a try.

“One of the group members checked our ticket and saw the number two and a bunch of zeroes and said, ‘I think we won something,'” recalled Sonia, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. “I said, ‘That’s not something, that’s $2 million dollars!'”

Shocked, the group quickly gathered in the parking lot of their workplace.

“We were all shaking and numb with disbelief,” said Sonia. “There were so many emotions about the win as we all discussed the impact this would have on our lives.”

She added that the pandemic has been an especially difficult for the nurses.

“We’ve all had to push through exhaustion and burnout and this win has been an incredible joy for us all and a great reason to celebrate,” she said.

As for what they’ll be doing with their winnings, plans range from buying new cars to completing home renovations.

But first, the group is planning a spa getaway to celebrate.

“We will all remember this experience for the rest of our lives,” said Sonia.

The winning ticket was purchased at Brothers Convenience on Bay Thorn Drive in Thornhill.

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