Someone stole a $24K bronze sculpture from outside a Vancouver art gallery

Nov 6 2019, 1:05 pm

It may have seemed to many like an unlikely target for theft, but that appears to be just what happened to a sculpture outside a Vancouver art gallery this week.

According to staff at the Petley Jones Gallery, the $24K piece of art, created by Fahri Aldin, and entitled After Marino Marini, was stolen “early Monday morning” from its perch outside the establishment.

“This is a unique, original piece that has been beautifying the front of our gallery already for a few years,” the gallery said on social media.

The sculpture is also not the easiest item to move either, which adds to the mystery surrounding the theft.

The gallery said it “never suspected” that the piece, which weighs over 350 lbs, and stands over 4 ft tall, would be taken in the manner that it was.


Petley Jones Gallery / Facebook

“It was always meant to enhance our city – for everyone to enjoy, to feel uplifted, even inspired along the way through their day,” the gallery said.  “After all, isn’t that what art is all about?”

Staff at the gallery noted that police have been alerted about the theft, and “we are pursuing all possible sources on our own as well, in order to find it.

“Everyone’s help would be really appreciated.”