Crossing the border? Here are five things you can buy cheaper in the US

Apr 29 2022, 7:46 pm

As COVID-19 public health restrictions ease, many Canadians are crossing the Canada-US border again.

Over the Easter long weekend, BC experienced major border delays heading to the US with up to 90-minute wait times.

Since you might be met with a long wait at the border, might as well make the trip worthwhile.

Whether you’re going to visit family and friends down south or going on a work trip, there’s always space in the itinerary for shopping.

HelloSafe, a company that helps people compare insurance providers, released a report revealing five things worth buying when you cross the border into the US.

You can buy the following items for cheaper in the US.

Beddings and towels

According to HelloSafe, it’s much cheaper to buy luxury brands of bedding and towels in the US than in Canada.

“It often pays to look for end-of-season sales at Kate Spade or even at Ralph Lauren Home,” the report reads.


HelloSafe says that toys are cheaper in the US because many brands are based there. This includes Barbie, Hot Wheels, Little Tikes, and American Girl.

“US retailers that sell these toys have prices that can’t be beat elsewhere,” says the report.


HelloSafe suggests looking for discount denim at big retailers like Target and Walmart. The report also adds that the US is the best place to invest in luxury branded jeans without blowing your budget.

“You can look for American-made brands like Rag&Bone or Paige,” says HelloSafe. “These brands are available in Canada but they’re much cheaper to buy in the US.”


HelloSafe advises shoppers to take advantage of the cheaper price of shoes in the US that doesn’t come with high duties that usually accompany ordering shoes from an international website.

The report says you can save money on brands like Bass, New Balance, and Keen if you grab them from the US.


While the report says there isn’t a big difference between what Canadians and Americans pay for large-scale home electronics, you can find savings on smaller electronics in the US.

Products like GPS devices, memory cards, flash drives, video games, or even wearable tech can be cheaper to buy if you visit our neighbours down south.

The report also included five things Americans can get for cheaper when they cross the border into Canada including cheese, tourist attractions, hotel rooms, mountain equipment, new cars, and medicine.

It’s well known, for example, that EpiPens cost a fraction of the US price in Canada.

The best places to shop near the border

If you’re not sure where to find the best deals, the report also provides a helpful guide.

HelloSafe says that The Fashion Outlets Mall and the Walden Galeria can be found near the Buffalo-Niagara falls border for Torontonian shoppers.

If your closest border is the Ambassador Bridge, which enters the US through Detroit, the report suggests visiting Great Lakes Crossing Mall and the Twelve Oaks Mall.

If you’re crossing the border from BC, there’s Bellis Fair Mall, just 30 minutes away from the Peace Arch. If you’re willing to drive a little further, there’s also the Seattle Premium Outlet.

Re-entering Canada won’t be a hassle anymore since the federal government announced that starting this month, fully vaccinated travellers coming into the country will no longer need to take a pre-arrival COVID-19 test to be allowed entry.

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