Take your brain for a ride with this trippy blue circle optical illusion

Jun 21 2022, 5:41 pm

Forget feeling blue, this trippy optical illusion will make you see blue. And only one shade of blue.

Despite what your brain might initially tell you, this mind-blowing puzzle has three seemingly different blue-ish circles that are all actually the exact same colour.

At first glance, the left-most dot might seem like a lighter shade of blue compared to the circle at the right. But, upon further investigation, your brain and eyes are actually so very wrong.

Give it a go:


The illusion is created by Lenstore, a UK vision company, and the drawing is an example of a saturation illusion — when an object seems to change colour as it travels across different backgrounds.

The puzzle works by showing both the subjective and abstract way our brains perceive and understand colours.

It’s also a way to get your friends and family to say “no way” really loudly to a screen.

Lenstore says the illusion occurs due to “our brain perceiving the colour of the object to change when it changes environments. As the moving image shows, the circle appears a lighter blue at the start when up against a darker blue background and the opposite at the end when it looks a darker blue against a light blue background.”


If you put the blue spheres side-by-side in front of a white background, you can see how all the circles are actually identical.

An object’s lighting can affect how our brain perceives pictures. In order to process colour, our brains look to different places for visual information like context clues.

An object’s surroundings and backgrounds are major clues to help our minds decipher a shade.

See the difference when placed against a regular white background:


Lenstore says colour saturation is just one of many optical illusions that mislead the brain and it makes no difference if you need glasses or have 20/20 vision, optical illusions will still fool you.

Be sure to check out any other of these trippy illusions if you want to keep taking your brain for a ride, especially when it comes to the colour of circles.


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