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Dec 20 2017, 12:11 am

Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of homemade mac and cheese? With the right amount of salt, perfectly melty cheese and soft noodles, this delicious carb and dairy (or dairy substitute) combo is guaranteed to hit the spot for all the right reasons.

With a range of Vancouver eateries putting their spin on this American classic dish, we bring you our list of where to find the city’s best mac and cheese, if and when the next mac (and cheese) attack strikes.



Photo Courtesy Robert Shaer

Burgoo is known for its comfort-driven food, so it should come as no surprise that this rustic-themed bistro serves a killer bowl of Macaroni and Cheese ($13.50). Loaded with aged white Cheddar and oven-baked until golden brown, Burgoo’s Mac and Cheese is rich and gooey, making it an instant bistro favourite among diners.

For a little extra bite, diners have the option to choose the bistro’s Macaroni and More ($15.50). Baked with seasoned breadcrumbs, this dish is chock-a-block full of aged white Cheddar, onion, thyme, bacon and peas.

Address: Multiple locations, check website for further details



Photo courtesy Buckstop / Sean Neild

At Buckstop, you can enjoy your mac and cheese ($8) with sneaky chunks of chorizo or a bacon and jalapeño mix, in addition to a house salad on the side. Available from 4:30 p.m. until the kitchen closes at 2 a.m., Buckstop’s crunchy mac and cheese (sprinkled lightly with breadcrumbs) has not only become a dinnertime staple but also a late night favourite.

Address: 833 Denman Street
Phone: 604-428-2528

The Wallflower Modern Diner

Meat-eaters and vegetarians alike can enjoy The Wallflower Modern Diner’s Baked Mac ‘n Cheesey ($13). Made with vegan cheddar, vegan cheesy sauce and served with a green salad, The Wallflower’s mac and cheese is rich, creamy and downright tasty. Vegetarians have the option to add a veggie dog for an additional $2, while carnivores wanting a bowl of cheesy, creamy, bacon’y goodness, can request bacon bits for an extra $2.

Address: 2420 Main Street
Phone: 604-568-7554



Photo courtesy Pourhouse / George Giannakos

Although the Pourhouse’s Mac and Cheese ($10) is listed as a side dish, meant to complement the restaurant’s main dinner plates, it is almost filling enough to pass as a whole meal. Fabulously gooey on the inside, Pourhouse combines Radiatore noodles and lardon with a rich Mornay sauce that includes a trio of Cheddar, Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses, before baking the dish so it finishes with a crispy gratin crust.

Address: 162 Water Street
Phone: 604-568-7022

Six Acres


Photo courtesy Six Acres

Topped with a light, toasted breadcrumb crust, Six Acres’ Mac & Cheese ($10) is a delightfully crisp, must-order for anyone in need of a macaroni and cheese fix. Served in a skillet, Six Acres’ Mac and Cheese is made up of three different types of cheeses: Gruyere, Grana Pandano, and aged cheddar.

Address: 203 Carrall Street
Phone: 604-488-0110

Acme Café


Photo courtesy of Acme Café

Served with an organic green side salad, Acme Café’s Mac and cheese ($10.50) is a deliciously simple feed. For extra satisfying results diners can opt to top their cheese-tastic mac and cheese with diced bacon for an extra $1.50.

Address: 51 West Hastings Street
Phone: 604-569-1022



Photo courtesy of Peckinpah

Smothered in melted cheddar and topped with pulled pork, Peckinpah’s generous helping of Baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese is super sauce-y. Served in a ceramic dish, Peckipah’s mac and cheese is uncomplicated in both taste and texture, adhering to the more classic mac and cheese taste. While it may not be the most complex mac and cheese out there it sure is it tasty.

Address: 2 Water Street
Phone: 604-681-5411

The Acorn


Photo courtesy of The Acorn

The Acorn is known for making a mean mac and cheese (vegan option available). It’s a revolving flavour depending on the season. For the moment the restaurant is “Mac-less,” but it will definitely come back in the fall once the weather cools down.

Address: 3995 Main Street
Phone: 604-566-9001

Score on Davie


Score on Davie / Facebook

Hit this Davie Street bar on any given night, and you’ll be surrounded by fellow patrons tucking into a pot of Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese ($13). Made with three types of cheese (mozza, Cheddar and Jack cheese), baked in a cream sauce and topped with slow roasted BBQ pulled pork, is there really any wonder why this dish (accompanied by garlic toast) is so popular.

Address: 1262 Davie Street
Phone: 604-632-1646

The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig’s Truffled Jumbo Macaroni is must try for any mac and cheese lover. Not only is it delectable, comprised of four cheeses with hints of truffle, but it is also reasonably priced. Served at Happy Hour, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and costing a mere $6, The Flying Pig’s take on mac and cheese is hard to beat.

Address: Multiple locations, check website for further details

REEL Mac and Cheese


The Green Mile (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

Feeding the streets of Vancouver, REEL Mac and Cheese, a movie-themed food truck, makes gourmet mac and cheese. Combining seven cheeses and cooked with tender elbow macaroni, Reel Mac and Cheese’s signature dish has a surprisingly light consistency and smooth texture. There are a variety of movie themed menu items to choose from, like the ‘The Green Mile’, a dish wish consists of the truck’s classic macaroni and cheese topped with freshly cooked broccoli and crispy onions. Add bacon bits, sliced hot dog or blue cheese for an extra $2 each.

With no fixed location location, be sure to check the truck’s website and social media pages for their whereabouts.


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