Best fried chicken in Richmond you should try at least once

Jul 6 2021, 9:00 am

Calling all fried chicken lovers, there are some seriously tasty places you need to visit when you’re in or around Richmond to get some crispy fried goodness.

From Taiwanese Fried Chicken to well-known American chains, the fried chicken spots in Richmond offer delicious chicken options.

Here are some of our top picks for the best-fried chicken spots in Richmond.

LA Chicken


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This iconic fried chicken chain is known to be a hidden gem for its fried chicken in both regular and spicy flavours. Aside from their crunchy meats, they offer delicious sides such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and more.

Address: 11780 Thorpe Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-278-4737


Church’s Fried Chicken

Church’s Chicken is an American franchise specializing in fried chicken. Its chicken is hand-breaded and tastes great on its own, or in sandwiches and wraps.

Address: 120-9100 Blundell Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-244-0318

Address: 85-3675 Westminster Highway, Richmond
Phone: 604-273-2257

Address: Cambie Shopping Centre, 11580 Cambie Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-285-6162

Address: Vancouver International Airport, 3883 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond
Phone: 604-278-8608

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Popeyes Chicken


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Ever since this famous American fried chicken chain landed in Richmond, locals have been loving its signature crunchy meats, biscuits, and other sides.

Address: 12796 Bridgeport Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-370-8534


Win Win Chick-N

Win Win Chick-N offers dairy-free locally sourced chickens only. Their chickens are hand-breaded, seasoned and fried to a golden crisp. Experience all this goodness and more by stopping by their location in Stevenson.

Address: 12160 First Avenue, Richmond
Phone: 778-297-5818

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Uncle Snack Shop


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Uncle’s Snack Shop brings a fun, experimental approach to all their chicken dishes. They even have Bok Bok Boxes, a huge box of chicken for all your cravings.

Address: 8180 Westminster Highway, Richmond
Phone: 604-270-6188

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Chirpyhut Fried Chicken

Chirpyhut Chicken specializes in crispy fried chicken with meat that’s both tender and juicy. One of their most popular items is the Fried Whole Spring Chicken.

Address: 3471 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-284-2888

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Free Bird Table is located at the Executive Hotel in the Vancouver Airport. They have tons of chicken dishes that are perfect for comfort food before a flight.

Address: 5991 Alderbridge Way, Richmond
Phone: 604-279-5598

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Cocoru Beer & Chicken


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There’s no better combo than beer and chicken. Stop by Cocoru to enjoy some great chicken with great company.

Address: 8391 Alexandra Road #2140, Richmond
Phone: 604-285-8569

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Monga Fried Chicken

Monga Fried Chicken offers Taiwanese-style Fried Chicken, one of the most renowned street snacks in Taiwan. Monga Fried Chicken offers this favourite snack in many different chicken dishes.

Address: 3325-4000 Number 3 Road Aberdeen Square, 3rd floor, Richmond
Phone: 604-285-5168

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J&G Chicken

J&G Fried Chicken has been offering the best fried chicken from Taiwan with legendary flavours since 1973. Be sure to stop by their location in Aberdeen Centre.

Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way #3160, Richmond
Phone: 604-370-9008

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C&T Fried Chicken


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Chicken wraps, chicken strips, chicken wings, chicken burgers — C&T Fried Chicken has all things chicken to satisfy your craving.

Address: 8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond
Phone: 604-370-9277


Wu Fung Dessert


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Wu Fung Dessert is located in the Aberdeen Centre food court. They offer delicious, crunchy fried chicken for both takeout and sit-down.

Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond
Phone: 604-285-1516

Flying Chicken

Flying Chicken offers chicken that’s crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside. Try their famous fried chicken flavours: original, soy sauce, honey garlic and cumin.

Address: 2110-8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Phone: 778-297-1810


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