12 fall hikes to do around Vancouver before the winter weather kicks in

Oct 19 2021, 7:59 pm

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Vancouver is arguably the most beautiful place in all of Canada to experience the fall season, and there’s no better way to do that than by taking part in some of the hikes at BC’s parks and trails.

Environment Canada has warned that this winter could be fierce, but there are still a few weeks left to put on your boots and raincoat, and breathe in the supernatural BC air while taking in some of the sights this province has to offer.

Some of these trails are still open during the winter, and they offer snow sporting activities like snowshoeing.

Before you decide to tackle any of these fall hikes, make sure you’re prepared and that you have the essentials.


These trails feature fairly straight paths without much in terms of elevation gain, and can be completed within a few hours.

If the Grouse Grind seems daunting, these trails will be perfect for you.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

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The beautiful Pacific Spirit Park (inEthos Design/Shutterstock)

The Pacific Spirit Park trail is peaceful and not too demanding, but it still takes you a bit of time to get through.

The elevation gain is minimal, so you should still be able to walk the day after.

Length: 3 hours

Where: 5495 Chancellor Boulevard, Vancouver

When: November: Open from 7 am to 7 pm; December: Open from 7 am to 5 pm

Dog Mountain

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A view of Vancouver from Dog Mountain (Photos314159/Shutterstock)

A mere 50-minute drive from Vancouver, Dog Mountain is worth the trip.

Featuring bridges and lakes with minimal elevation gain, Dog Mountain could be considered another fairly relaxing journey. It also features a stunning view of Vancouver at the top.

Length: 2 hours

Where: Directions (insert your starting location)

When: All year (recommended June to October)

The Lynn Loop

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Lynn Canyon Park (John Crux/Shutterstock)

Lynn Canyon Park is a popular destination on the North Shore, which contains many trails within it.

The Lynn Loop is another fairly easygoing trail, but this one does offer a bit of elevation gain, so you’ll have to work your legs out a bit.

This trail also offers beautiful views of Lynn Creek and is only about a 40-minute drive from Vancouver.

Length: 1.5 hours (5.1 km round trip)

Where: 3690 Park Road, North Vancouver (See map at the park for full details)

When: All year

Stanley Park Seawall Trail

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Stanley Park Seawall (LeonWang/Shutterstock)

The Seawall is Vancouver’s most popular outdoor fresh-air attraction, according to the City of Vancouver.

It’s 10 kilometres long but relatively easy and without much in terms of elevation gain.

While not like traditional hikes, it’s a great way to experience the fall colours of Vancouver, and easily enjoyable rain or shine.

Length: 28 km roundtrip

Where: Stanley Park

When: All year


If the beginner trails sound too easy for you and you want a bit more challenge, check out these intermediate trails around BC.

Eagle Bluffs and Black Mountain hike

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Mountain views at Eagle Bluffs (photos314159/Shutterstock)

The hike at Eagle Bluffs features scenic views, and this time of year, gorgeous fall colours.

Approximately a 40-minute drive from Vancouver, you can expect some decent elevation gain during the hike.

Be sure to check out the views of Black Mountain and Cabin Lake.

Length: Approximately 8 km

Where: 6000 Cypress Bowl Road

When: All year (recommended July to October)

The Grouse Grind

Justin Trudeau grouse grind

Justin Trudeau doing the Grouse Grind in 2015 (Justin Trudeau/Twitter)

The Grouse Grind is a fixture for Vancouver fitness enthusiasts. It’s definitely a more advanced hike, and you should be prepared for your body to feel the burn.

It’s also a popular spot for celebrities, so don’t be surprised if you see a stray Vancouver Canuck.

If the prime minister can do it, so can you.

Length: Around 3 km

Where: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver

When: Only open weekends till November 7 due to construction. Click here for up to date info.

Hollyburn Trail

bc fall hikes

Hollyburn Trail (VancouverTrails.com)

Offering gorgeous views of Vancouver and the Burrard Inlet, the trail at Mount Hollyburn is a great destination for an active day trip.

It’s just around 45 minutes from Vancouver, and in the winter it’s a popular destination for snowshoeing.

Length: 7 km

Where: Directions

When: All year

Baden Powell

Baden Powell Trail/Shutterstock

The Badel Powell Trail begins at Deep Cove in North Vancouver, and the trailhead begins along Panorama Drive.

This fairly long hike features some significant elevation gain, but also offers stunning views of Deep Cove and Indian Arm.

Length: 12 km

Where: 2505 Panorama Drive, North Vancouver

When: All year


The next set of hikes are for the truly brave, and those looking for a physical test.

These are not recommended for beginners and should only be attempted by experienced hikers and climbers.

Golden Ears Trail

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Golden Ears Provincial Park (EB Adventure Photography/Shutterstock)

A challenge for those who dare, the trail at Golden Ears Provincial Park gets increasingly steep as you progress.

While the hike at Golden Ears can be completed within a day, you also may choose to camp, as many adventure seekers do.

Golden Ears Park remains open for snow activities in the winter months.

Length: 24 km

Where: 24480 Fern Crescent, Maple Ridge

When: All year, reduced hours and increased difficulty during winter.

The Lions (Binkert Trail)

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Binkert Trail (VancouverTrails.com)

You’ve likely seen the peaks of the Lions from Vancouver.

So you can imagine the view of the city once you actually ascend to the top of this peak.

However, it is no easy feat, as the hike features some treacherous terrain and significant elevation gain. The hike can take over eight hours to complete, but the views are worth it.

Be warned, it can get icy during the fall.

Length: 16 km

Where: Directions

When: All year (recommended July to October)

Black Tusk

View of Black Tusk, from Taylor Meadows near Garibaldi Lake (Daily Hive/Conrad Olson)

View of Black Tusk, from Taylor Meadows near Garibaldi Lake (Daily Hive/Conrad Olson)

Located further out from Vancouver, nearly a two-hour drive away, is Black Tusk.

While it is possible to complete the hike within a day, many also choose to hike nearby at Garibaldi or Taylor Meadows.

Considered one of the most difficult hikes in BC, the trek can take up to 11 hours.

Length: 29 km

Where: 0A0 Daisy Lake Road, Whistler

When: July to October recommended

Panorama Ridge

Garibaldi Provincial Park

Panorama Ridge in Garibaldi Provincial Park (Marina Poushkina/Shutterstock)

If the best things in life don’t come easy, the views from Panorama Ridge are proof.

The full panoramic views of Black Tusk, Helm Lake, and Garibaldi Lake would be your reward for trekking the 30 km long trail.

Featuring heavy elevation gain, you need to bring your A-game to tackle this hike.

Length: 30 km

Where: 0A0 Daisy Lake Road, Whistler

When: All year (recommended July to October)

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