All the best eats at the Richmond Night Market (VIDEO)

May 15 2018, 5:41 am

Guess what’s back again this year?

One of Vancouver’s favourite foodie events is, of course, here for another season of summer deliciousness – the Richmond Night Market!

The market offers over a hundred different kinds of food vendors, and we’ve broken down the most exciting new eats (and the classic must-tries) for this summer season.

Pro-tip – most of the vendors only accept cash so make sure to bring enough to try everything!

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Pork Belly

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Teppan Bossam serves up pork belly in three different flavours: garlic, barbecue, and spicy. It’s basically an entire meal, it comes with a side of kimchi and is served on top of noodles. Definitely make sure to skip dinner for this one.

Pho Fries

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If you like Pho but find it’s a bit too hot to eat in the summer, then you’re in luck. This year Fries & Things is offering their pho fries, all the delicious toppings that are found in pho but without the broth.

Potato Tornado

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This is a favourite of the market every year, so you can expect some long lines to get your hands on this one. The potato tornado is a perfectly fried potato covered with a seasoning of your choice, some flavours include ketchup, sour cream and onion, and dill pickle.

Perfect Pull Grilled Cheese

Named the Notorious P.I.G, this gourmet twist on a classic is comprised of slow roasted pulled pork, barbecue sauce, and a load of cheese.


Asomi Mochi

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Traditionally mochi is a Japanese style cake made from red bean, but this vendor offers mochi in matcha, chocolate, and purple yam flavours. You also get a strawberry inside.



Sippy Tea

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Sippy Tea blends tea with coffee for a refreshing summer drink. Similar to a bubble tea these come with jelly jellies at the bottom, and are offered in five flavours: classic black, jasmine rose, London fog, roasted milk, and golden milk teaffee.

Churros in Ice Cream

Churros in Ice Cream is the perfect food for the ‘gram. The churros are decorated in sprinkles or a sauce of your choosing and folded into a cup of ice cream. The best part is that they’re served on an inflatable flamingo, unicorn, or palm tree.

Dumplings from Dumpling Master

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Dumpling Master serves up hand-made and natural dumplings to satisfy your cravings. They have black truffle pork gyozas, Greek spinach vegan gyozas, and red kimchi beef gyozas to name a few.

Blooming Onion

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This deep fried whole onion is perfect for sharing with friends. It comes with a spicy mayo dipping sauce, and the onion tastes sweeter than regular ones.

Fried Chicken

This large fried chicken is seriously huge (really it’s the size of your head) and delicious. The thin chicken is perfectly breaded and deep-fried, you’ll have to use both hands for this one.

Roti Mac and Cheese

This is the food you didn’t know you needed in your life. Mac and cheese served in between fried pieces of roti and drizzled with a curry mayo and extra nacho cheese. You can only get this dish at the Richmond Night market so you’ll definitely want to try this while you’re here.

Seafood Heaven

This year the Richmond Night Market has a vendor offering seafood heaven for those that like their crab, shrimp, and mussels. You can get a combo of King Crab for $48 that comes with 1 king crab leg, half pound shrimp and a half pound of mussels, You can also get the Dungeness Crab combo that comes with a whole Dungeness crab, half pound shrimp, and a half pound of mussels for $38.

Richmond Night Market 2018

When: May 11 to October 8, 2018

Time: Fridays and Saturdays 7 pm to Midnight, Sundays and holiday Mondays 7 to 11 pm
Where: 8351 River Road, Richmond (nearby Bridgeport Station)
Admission: $4.25 (regular admission); kids 10 and under, seniors 60 and up are free. Zoom pass (up to 6 visits) is $25.

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