Many British Columbians say vaccine cards aren't being checked: poll

Oct 1 2021, 4:37 pm

Vaccine cards are the number one accessory this fall in BC, yet a recent poll shows that not everyone is on board.

BC brought in its vaccine pass system on September 13, 2021, and required residents to provide this proof of vaccination to participate in non-essential activities, like going to restaurants.

A poll from Insights West shows that 58% of respondents have used the new vaccine card already, but a third said the card was not checked when it should have been.

bc vaccine card

Insights West

Right now, you need a vaccine card to access places like movie theatres, gyms, restaurants, and indoor events.

And while not checking vaccine cards might have been a mistake or oversight in the first two weeks of the system’s implementation – it can look bad for businesses.

“Businesses that don’t comply with the requirement to ask for vaccine cards are likely to suffer significant negative consequences in response to their non-compliance,” said Insights West in a release.

Almost 30% of residents said they wouldn’t go to an establishment again if they failed to check vaccine cards and 6% said they would call out the business on social media in response.

Steve Mossop, president of Insights West, said that he was surprised at how many people experienced going somewhere and not having their cards properly checked.

“Our poll also clearly shows that those businesses who don’t comply with the mandate are subject to the backlash of people who are in favour of the new rules.”

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