At-home neutering left cats with "horrific wounds" BC SPCA

Nov 24 2020, 6:31 pm

Pet owners are being warned after an attempted at-home neutering resulted in the life of a cat.

The BC SPCA says that two cats were found to be victims of an attempted home neutering earlier this month. And while the felines, which were siblings, were brought into Vancouver’s SPCA location for care, one of them didn’t survive their injuries.

“Someone had tried to do a home neuter and tied the genitals with elastic bands,” says Jodi Dunlop, manager of the BC SPCA in Vancouver. “The wounds on both cats were horrific.”

Dunlop adds that this incident is the third home neuter that the organization has seen in two weeks, reminding that the surgery “can only be done by a specialist.”

The SPCA says that the surviving cat, named Geiger by the staff, needed Perineal Urethrostomy Surgery due to his injuries from the attempted procedure. He also needed treatment for an ear infection.

Geiger spca

Geiger, a cat who survived at-home neutering (SPCA).

Fortunately, Geiger recovered from his injury and is already safe and sound in a new, loving home.

Pet owners are reminded that home neutering “should never be an option” for pets and that if needed, low-cost spay/neutering programs are available in the province.

“Also, if you are adopting your cat, dog or rabbit from the BC SPCA, the spay and neuter is included in the adoption fee,” says the SPCA. “The cost of spaying/neutering is small when compared to other costs of pet care, such as what you will spend on food for your pet over their lifetime.”

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