21 perfect gifts for the pets and pet lovers on your list

Nov 24 2020, 5:53 pm

You can’t forget about your best pals this holiday — and we’re not talking about the human ones!

Whether you’re buying for your own furry friend or a pet lover, there’s plenty of gift ideas out there this year.

From squeaky toys to cozy beds and tech-savvy accessories, here’s a round of the best pet and pet-themed gifts.

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Squeaky Toys by Haute Diggity

Rosé all day! Your pup will be living a life of luxury with these hilarious squeaky plush toys by Haute Diggity. Their tongue-in-cheek offerings include a bottle of ‘Woof Clicquot’, the ‘Dog Perignonn’ or the ‘Puptron Tequila’ (all $24.99). The ‘Starbarks’ Frappucino is also sure to be a hit. All available in small, medium or large.

Dog Hair Don’t Care

Rescue Dog Kitchen

Rescue Dog Kitchen

Any other pet lovers out there buried underneath dog hair? Same same. This cozy crewneck sweatshirt from Rescue Dog Kitchen ($55) will not only keep you warm while you’re walking Fido, it’s also a purchase you can feel good about making. 50% of proceeds are donated to animal rescues and charities.

Meow Box

Meowbox’s monthly subscription box.

For the cat owner. Your feline BFFs will love this monthly Meowbox subscription ($39.95 for one) which includes tasty treats and an array of toys, like catnip, strings and bells. Local items are also included, and there’s a “no food” option for the picky cats.

Drinking Dog Candles

Drinking Dog & Co.’s “Daisy” candle.

Candles inspired by your four-legged companions. Drinking Dog & Co.’s hand-crafted soy wax candles ($25) are all dedicated to a special pooch, prominently featured on each of the labels. Choose from an array of scents from the Vancouver-based line, including “The Daisy” (chocolate mint), “The Goose” (pink citrus), or the cat-inspired “Lola” (red currant and tyme). 10% of proceeds go to a different charity each month, and custom versions with your own pooch are also an option.

Aesop’s Dog Shampoo

Aesop’s Animal Wash.

Luxury soap just for your pooch. Aesop’s mild animal wash ($51) will have your dog smelling like a blend of spearmint and tea tree oil. The 500mL bottle looks just like their beloved human products, but with a dog silhouette to avoid any confusion. Can also be used as a regular hand soap.

Salt & Pepper Hoodie by Roots

Salt & Pepper hoodie by Roots.

Roots’ most iconic hoodie is now available for dogs, too. Keep your pup nice and cozy with the Salt & Pepper colored sweatshirt ($54.99 – $64.99). Features an easy front closure, and Roots signature beaver logo on the back.

Pet Treat Dispenser by Dogness

The Smart Cam Pet Treat Dispenser by Dogness.

Every dog will love this smart device. The Pet Treat Dispenser by Dogness ($179.99) allows your pup to enjoy his or her favorite cookies even if you’re not around right from your phone. It doubles as a camera to check in on your pet while you’e out, and also includes suction cups to prevent hungry dogs from helping themselves. Available at Best Buy.

Whistle GO Pet Tracker

Whistle GO & GO Explore – the Ultimate Health + Location Tracker.

There’s nothing scarier than a lost pet. Keep track of your dog or cat with this the Whistle GO Pet Tracker ($174.95), which simply attaches to their collar. The rechargeable device uses Google Maps and your cell phone to track your pet’s activity via an app, allowing you to see their recent trips, their current location as well as health stats. The app requires a monthly subscription ($9.95/month).

Little Dove’s Pet Teepee

Little Dove’s Pet Teepee.

For the dog (or cat) who appreciates some privacy, and the owner who wants a stylish pet hangout. Transport them to summer camp with Little Dove’s adorable Pet Teepee ($72.52), which is made out of 100% cotton canvas. Ideally for smaller four-legged friends, and cozy beds easily fit inside.

Custom Pet Portraits by Premevy

Premevy’s pet portraits.

The perfect personalized gift! Calgary-based Premevy’s custom pet portraits ($34.99) are both cute and stylish with their modern designs. Also a great way to remember a furry BFF gone to pet heaven. Available via Etsy.


The “Home Alone” BarkBox.

Treat your pooch monthly with the BarkBox subscription box (starting at $23). Similar to Meow Box, this dog-only version includes a mix of all-natural treats, toys and other goodies. Choose from different themes (inspired by red carpet award shows, movies like Home Alone, and more) and customize items to your pets preferences.

‘The Year Of The Dogs’ Book by Vincent J. Musi

The Year of the Dogs by Vincent J. Musi.

Every dog lover needs at least one coffee table book — and The Year Of The Dogs ($39.94) by Vincent J. Musi is the perfect one. This beautifully shot book features over 100 photos of all kinds of dogs, big and small. Each portrait series also includes fun facts about each pup (one featured Labrador enjoys opera music).

Dog Bowl Bottle by Asobu

The Asobu Dog Water Bowl Bottle.

The sleek and modern water bottle is a perfect 2-in-1. Not only is the Asobu Dog Water Bowl Bottle ($24.95) light weight and BPA free, it includes a removable silicone bowl for your thirsty pup. The detachable piece discreetly blends in with the bottle, and helps encourage your dog to avoid drinking from unsanitary water sources. Available at Indigo.

Shark Bed by KisSealed

Shark Bed by KisSealed.

The funniest dog bed ever. Your pup can get nice and cozy inside this tent-like Shark Bed by KisSealed ($37.85). The bed can also be folded down to conceal the scary jaw design (which includes some sizable plush teeth). Includes a washable cushion mat inside. Perfect for small or medium sized dogs.

Custom Pet Shirts by Make

Custom pet shirts by Make.

For the ultimate pet lover! MAKE Vancouver’s Custom Pet T-Shirts ship nationally. Design yours online! Add a photo of your beloved furry friend or a meme-worthy phrase. You can put just about anything on these custom tees which start at $24 for men and women. 25% of the proceeds of these custom shirts will be donated to Saints Rescue.

Dyson’s V7 Handheld Vacuum

Dyson’s handheld vacuum.

The next generation of duster buster. Easily clean up pet messes with Dyson’s V7 Trigger Origin Handheld Vacuum ($249.99). Not only is this beauty cord-free, it’s light weight and powerful for all the nooks and crannies around your home.

Dog Bed by Casper

Dog bed by Casper.

The ultimate dog bed! Casper is known for their insanely comfy human mattresses, but now they make a version for your dog ($150 – $250), too. The experts at Casper designed this durable and machine-washable bed around canines’ natural behaviors — so you can bet they’ll be extra rested. Comes in gray, sand or blue and in various sizes.

Smart Doggie Doorbell by Daytech

Smart Doggie Doorbell by Daytech.

Skip the door scratching with this modern approach. The wireless pet doorbell by Daytech ($39.99) allows your pup to simply ring when he or she is ready to go inside (or out — as one can also be put inside). Easy to install and doesn’t require any wiring.

Tiffany & Co.’s Bowls

Tiffany & Co.’s dog bowls.

For the most discerning pooch or cat. Tiffany & Co.’s signature blue bowls ($140 – $250) add a dash of luxury and whimsy to any living space. Bowls read either “dog.” or “cat.” (to avoid any confusion) in an old school courier font and are made out of bone china.

Moving Fish Toy by Beewarm

Moving fish toy by Beeworm.

The hottest toy for cats according to Instagram! Your feline bud will be in heaven with this flip-flopping fish toy by Beeworm ($16.99) with, yes, catnip inside. Charges with a USB cable for endless cat-chasing-fish fun.

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