BC not ready to skip springing forward and falling back for Daylight Saving

Mar 5 2023, 6:00 pm

Bad news if you were hoping that Daylight Saving would be permanent — BC is not quite ready to make the change.

Former BC Premier John Horgan tantalized residents, announcing that he would take action to keep us from flip-flopping to save some light.

According to Horgan, our neighbours to the south were the only thing holding the BC government back from sticking to Daylight Saving time.

Last year, we got one step closer when US lawmakers put forward legislation to switch to Daylight Saving permanently in the Sunshine Protection Act.

However, a statement from the BC Ministry of Attorney General to Daily Hive suggests we’re still waiting for our neighbours to the south.

The dreaded “spring forward” forcing us to lose one hour of sleep occurs on March 12 at 2 am.

“In 2019, more than 93% of a record 223,000 British Columbians told us they wanted to remain on year-round daylight-saving time (DST). It is as clear a message as we could hope to receive. British Columbians told us that it’s important to maintain alignment with our neighbours in Washington, Oregon, and California,” the statement reads.

“The Province is committed to ensuring BC’s economy and businesses aren’t negatively impacted by a permanent shift to daylight saving time. That’s why the move to permanent DST is planned to be brought into effect at a time that maintains alignment with our neighbours.”

While the US introduced the Sunshine Protection Act last year, the bill still needs approval from the president and the House of Representatives.

The primary purpose of Daylight Saving is to afford all of us a little more sunlight during the sunnier seasons, but there are some potential downfalls.

There’s an increase in heart attack risk on a Monday that follows springing forward. Studies have also linked springing forward to rising car accidents, injuries, and other health risks.

According to studies, Vancouverites already get the worst sleep in Canada, and next weekend won’t help.

Short story long, get ready to lose another hour of sleep next weekend.

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