Daylight Saving: BC still one step back from no longer springing forward

Mar 9 2022, 9:32 pm

BC Premier John Horgan has gone on record on several occasions to suggest that BC would stop switching the clocks when daylight saving rolls around, permanently switching to DST.

In fact, it was just last year that Horgan said he hoped the switching of the clocks would be gone by last fall.

Unfortunately, you’re still going to lose an hour of sleep this weekend when the clocks move forward on Sunday at 2 am.

A statement from a BC government spokesperson suggests that the province will only move forward when it can adequately align with “our neighbours in Washington, Oregon, California, and Yukon.”

Speaking of Yukon, the territory has actually already gone through with the permanent switch, committing to the new way — with no loss of sleep — in March of 2020.

In October of 2019, the province introduced a measure called the Interpretation Amendment Act. According to the BC government, the act would give the province the ability to create a new name for our time zone — Pacific Time — and remove legislation that allows for the biannual time change.

This would mean not having to worry about being late for work on the Monday after springing forward on Sunday.

BC put out a public survey in 2019 that highlighted the importance of waiting for the aforementioned neighbours, and to step back from springing forward.

“We will continue to monitor how the US states decide to proceed for the time being,” said the spokesperson.

While the main purpose of Daylight Saving is to afford all of us a little more sunlight during the sunnier seasons, there are some potential downfalls.

There’s apparently an increase in heart attack risk on the Monday that follows springing forward. Studies have also linked springing forward to an increase in car accidents, injuries, and other health risks.

Vancouverites already get the worst sleep in all of Canada according to studies, and this weekend won’t help.

BC residents will have to wait at least another year for that coveted permanent switch to Daylight Saving, and keeping that hour of sleep that we will lose this weekend.

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