BC will not implement an inter-provincial travel ban

Jan 22 2021, 1:34 am

British Columbia will not be restricting non-essential travel to the province at this time.

The provincial government consulted with legal experts about the possibility of a travel ban, but concluded it wouldn’t be feasible — and it does not have the authority.

“The review of our legal options made it clear we can’t prevent people from travelling to British Columbia,” BC Premier John Horgan said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

“We can impose restrictions on people travelling for non-essential purposes if they are causing harm to the health and safety of British Columbians. Much of current interprovincial travel is work related and therefore cannot be restricted.”

More than 10,000 British Columbians have signed an online petition calling on the government to close the border to domestic tourists, with many saying it’s unfair people are coming here for vacation at a time when locals have been told not to travel or gather with people outside their household.

Horgan announced last week that he would consult with legal experts about the possibility of a ban. It turns out that won’t be happening.

“If we see transmission increase due to interprovincial travel, we will impose stronger restrictions on non-essential travellers,” Horgan said.

He also asked people across Canada to listen to their local government’s advice to postpone non-essential travel.

“To all Canadians outside of BC, we look forward to your visit to our beautiful province when we can welcome you safely.”


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