BC's minimum wage increases to $15.20 an hour tomorrow

May 31 2021, 4:19 pm

BC’s minimum wage will increase to $15.20 an hour tomorrow.

Liquor servers will get a pay boost as the lower minimum wage is replaced with the general minimum wage of $15.20 an hour, beginning tomorrow as well.

“In 2017, our government made a commitment to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by June 2021, through regular, measured and predictable increases,” said BC Labour Minister Harry Bains. “As of tomorrow, we will have achieved – and surpassed – that goal, making sure workers who need regular and fair wage increases are getting them.”

The minimum wage rates for live-in camp leaders and resident caretakers are also increasing effective June 1:

  • General minimum wage increases from $14.60 an hour to $15.20 an hour;
  • Liquor server minimum wage of $13.95 an hour is being replaced with the general minimum wage of $15.20 an hour;
  • Live-in camp leader minimum wage, per day, increases to $121.65 from $116.86;
  • Resident caretaker minimum wage, per month, increases to $912.28, plus $36.56 per suite for those who manage nine to 60 residential suites and to $3,107.42 for 61 or more suites.

In the past four years, BC’s general minimum wage has increased from $11.35 – one of the lowest minimum wages in the country – to $15.20 per hour.

With this latest increase, BC’s minimum is now the highest of any province, and starting next year, the increases for minimum wage will be tied to inflation, the province said.

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