Pew pew: Woman takes BC laser tag spot to court over pizza, poor service

Jan 26 2023, 6:11 pm

A BC lawyer who hosted a children’s laser tag party at Planet Lazer took the popular spot to court over bad customer service and pizza costs.

A small claims decision from the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal details a BC woman’s claims against Planet Lazer Entertainment LTD.

Her claims include being overcharged for pizza, that some of the vests weren’t working, and that she felt she received lousy customer service.

In the end, she said that “the party was a disappointment.”

The party group included 10 kids and three adults. However, when Sarah Pivnick made the reservation, she did so for eight people at $31 per player, for a total of $248. The Ultimate Birthday Experience included two laser tag games, pizza, beverages, a decorated party room, and an ice cream cake. Pivnick received a confirmation email and both parties agreed that the terms and conditions in that communication formed part of the parties’ contract.

Planet Lazer later called Pivnick to confirm the details when Pivnick ordered extra pizza and paid a $100 deposit. On the day of the party, Pivnick paid an additional $365.50, equalling a total of $465.50. That price included 10 children and three adults at $32.50 each, $11 to upgrade the pizzas to large sizes, and $32 for one additional pizza.

You’ll note that $32.50 is more than the original $31 per player, but Pivnick didn’t address that discrepancy, so the tribunal member didn’t consider it.

Planet Lazer offers loot bags at $7.50 per person, but the tribunal decision says Pivnick wasn’t charged for them, so she sent her sister to the store to put together their own loot bags for $74.55.

Pivnick also brought in her own vegetable platter and was charged $25 as an “outside food fee.”

What she claims she was owed

Pivnick claimed $350. The tribunal member broke it down as follows:

  • $33 because she claimed Planet Lazer should’ve only charged $20 for the three adults, $40 because two vests didn’t work, $25 for the outside food charge, and $75 for loot bags.
  • “She also claims a ‘reduction in contract price’ for overcharged pizza, a lack of birthday decorations, and poor customer service.”

How the tribunal responded

Three adults decided to participate when they arrived at Planet Lazer and were charged $31 as birthday participants. Still, Pivnick suggests they should’ve only been charged $20, which is the standard non-birthday participant pricing for two games. This is one claim the court agreed with Pivnick on, and it ordered Planet Lazer to reimburse her the $37.50 difference.

Regarding the non-functioning vests, there was no evidence of this claim, and it was dismissed.

The court also dismissed her claim for the $25 outside food fee and her claim about loot bags because she suffered no monetary loss for the price she ended up paying versus how much Planet Lazer would’ve charged.

On the note of the costly pizza, Pivnick didn’t provide any evidence of the cost of the pizza, so the tribunal dismissed this claim.

The lack of decorations claim was also dismissed by the tribunal, as Pivnick didn’t provide any photos or other evidence.

Pivnick was also unable to prove her claim of poor customer service, which was also dismissed.

Ultimately, Pivnick walks away with $37.50 plus $0.36 in pre-judgment interest.

Was it worth the time and effort to take this BC laser tag spot to court over pizza and poor customer service? Let us know in the comments.

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