"No signs of lineups or panic buying": BC confident there's enough gas for drivers

Nov 22 2021, 8:41 pm

The provincial government says it’s confident that British Columbia has enough gasoline to supply drivers and that “people are doing the right thing.”

That was the message from Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth. He addressed BC’s gas supply after the first weekend of new restrictions around the South Coast, which limits gasoline for non-essential vehicles.

As part of the new measure, members of the general public are limited to 30 litres of gasoline per visit to a gas station.

“In terms of gas supply, we are confident that there is enough gasoline, that people are doing the right thing,” Farnworth said during a live update.

He says that he was in his own community of Port Coquitlam over the weekend and although gas stations were busy, there “were no signs of lineups or panic buying.”

“We’re confident that the measures that have been put in place are working and that people are doing the right thing.”

The province is regulating the order through an honour system, with the belief that the majority of people will stick to the amount that they’ve been allotted. And while Farnworth’s comments allude to many BC residents doing the right thing, images and videos shared on social media may suggest otherwise.

Over the weekend, lineups were spotted in North Vancouver, Port Moody, Burnaby, and other areas of Metro Vancouver. Photos also captured drivers at gas stations with jerry cans, filling them up just hours after the order came into effect.

Laural Martin/Facebook

Residents also reported that a number of gas stations across the Lower Mainland had run out of gas by Sunday, offering only premium grade gasoline or completely shutting down.


Some gas stations in Metro Vancouver have run out of gas as supplies dwindle (Daily Hive).

Farnworth says that Trans Mountain is “working around the clock to ensure the pipeline and its ability to move product is done as quickly and as safely as possible.”

He added that BC is sourcing gasoline from other jurisdictions such as Alberta, as well as south of the border.

The provincial government was also asked whether they would consider free public transit over the remainder of the gas shortage. They said, however, that they think the measures in place are already appropriate.

“With regards to transit, I can tell you, we’re looking at nine days for the issue around gas,” Farnworth said. “And what we’ve seen is that people are doing the right thing, people are taking transit, people are monitoring their trips and we’re gonna get through this. And we think that the measures we have in place are the appropriate ones.”

BC’s new order restricting gas for non-essential drivers will remain in effect until December 1, 2021.

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