Barge Chilling Beach: The English Bay barge gets the name it deserves

Dec 15 2021, 8:27 pm

The English Bay Barge has stolen the hearts and minds of people across Vancouver, and while it falls short of being decorated with Christmas lights, the Vancouver Park Board did the next best thing, making Barge Chilling Beach official.

Calling it a “little holiday gift” to the city, some have been questioning whether the sign is real or a photoshop.

An email from the City of Vancouver says it is in fact real.

Thanks to the Bluemist Design live feed of English Bay — we can see the sign is indeed real and seems to be located at Sunset Beach.

barge chilling beach

Bluemist Design/Youtube

The name Barge Chilling Beach seems to be a homage to another popular Vancouver attraction, Dude Chilling Park.

In recent weeks, the barge has popped up Google as an official tourist attraction in Vancouver as Barge Chilling Park. Barge Chilling Beach makes a little more sense.

One review reads, “definitely a must see when in Vancouver. I took my out of town guests and everyone enjoyed seeing how impressive Mother Nature can be. Good flex. Takes excellent sunset photos too.”

If you were hoping to take a selfie with Barge Chilling Beach sign then you should probably do it sooner than later, as it will likely be removed in the future.

Daily Hive Urbanized has reached out to the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board for more information.

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